15 June, 2018

Phono update 1.10

Phono release 1.10 is available on the store!!
Change log:
  • updated and added many logos
  • added FAB to get shortcut to preferences and methods to link the logo
  • Widget 4×1 are now resizable (ok not so nice but working)
Please note:
Android 8.1 required ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission to show WiFi SSID
you have not to be worry about your privacy, Phono hasn't internet permission so all the showed data can't be shared or showed outside your device!

21 February, 2017

Phono 1.9h update

Finally the 1.9h release is available on Play Store!

Just to be clear, about the dual SIM devices:
Phono supports dual sim devices but it shows only the slot 1 sim that's not because we are lazy but because android doesn't support natively dual sim device, so developers hasn't the instrument for implement the same function for the 2 slot.....I'm sorry!

This release fixed around 50 logos the main changes are:

  • added Jio logo as mccmnc and as name based logo
  • fixed German logo after the e-plus and O2 merge, both logos are available as name based logo too
Lockscreen notification:
with Android 7.x.x Phono the lockscreen notification hide works perfectly, just to set it in the Phono preferences.
For Android 6.x.x or early release you need to follow this little guide:
How to hide lockscreen notification before Android 7

Thanks for the patience, we are always very busy but we always try to do our best.....

06 September, 2016

Phono 1.9g review

This is an unusual post, but I received this review from a user and I would like to share it with the blog followers:

Good morning! Yesterday I wrote it because nn I was sure that the app would work with this phone. Thank assistance in particular Stefano, who yesterday continued to respond until late evening to solve my problema.beh Stefano ... problem solved! The app works properly ... thank you very much tanto.ogni meet people serious keep us in the work they do ... even I am so with my work .... and it is right to let them know!
These kind of reviews are the best payback for a developer!!

Many thanks to http://www.wtravelevents.com and please visit this service!!!

09 June, 2016

Phono 1.9g Update

There wasn't post about the updates between 1.9b and 1.9g because nothing relevant was changed, these updates are focalized to fix and satisfied logos request.
Many thanks

17 November, 2015

Phono 1.9b update

Just published the 1.9b update, it fixed a bug on Android 6.0 that caused the Phono's stop error.

This issue happened if the network icon was active in the notification and if the device was in airplane mode active.

Added and update some logos.

13 October, 2015

Phono 1.9a update (new android wear support)

The new realse contains some new features and some fixing, here the changelog:

  • fixed bug on roaming notification, now it will be showing only one time
  • fixed the notification on device with android release before the 5.x.x
  • removed the possibility to share info trought SMS (that caused an error) 
  • minor bug fixed

New features
  • added android wear support (see images below) 
  • added wifi frequency for devices with Android 5.x.x or more recent
  • added and updated  some carrier logos

04 September, 2015

Phono 1.9 how to hide notification in the lock screen

Here step by step the right procedure to hide the Phono notification from the lock screen.

Go in Setting and choose "Sound & notification"

Choose "When device is locked" option

Than "Hide sensitive notification content"

Go to Phono preferences and tap on "LockScreen Notification" and choos "NO"

That's all!

NOTE with the "Hide sensitive notification content" option active ALL the notification will have the sensitive text (normally the sencond line of that) hidden.