06 December, 2013

DashNet & DashCallLog extensions update

Just released an update for DashNet & DashCallLog extensions, that allows more compatibility with custom ROM.
Here the market links:

25 September, 2013

[SOLVED] Why DashNet or DashCallLog aren't visible in Dashclock?

Finally I discovered why on some custom ROM (eg: SlimBeam) my dashclock extensions aren't visible!!!
These ROMs includes in bundle a different release of dashclock (else numbered as 1.5) that doesn't includes the new dashclock API (2.0).
DashNet and DashCallLog are compiled including the new dashclock API and this is the reason why they aren't visible on the main widget.........don't ask me the reason of that.....but I compiled the DashNet 1.5.2 with the old API (1.1) and it works like it must.... here the link for this special release:
DashNet for custom ROMs (API 1.1)

DashCallLog will be soon.
Official release are on market and are always recommended if works with your ROM.
DashNet official release (API 2.0)
Many thanks to Giuseppe (Matrix) for the report!!

24 July, 2013

DashNet extension update 1.5

Just published a DashNet update, in this release we introduced optionally the real time signal strength for WiFi and Mobile connections.
The real time signal strength is optimized to save battery and reduce the Dashclock blink. 
We tested it on GSM networks....and remember to activate the real time signal strength in the DashNet preferences.
Many thanks to Terminal7 for the beta test of this release and to all the Phono dev team for the help.

17 May, 2013

Phono 1.7b released

A new release of Phono is available on the market, here the change log:

Added new logos as requested
New internal/Sd space calculation routine
Some little change in the activity layout
Forced logo in the first position of the status bar
Added start on boot for improve the logo show after reboot
Minor bug fixed

Many thanks!!

16 April, 2013

DashNet & DashCallLog on xda

Many thanks to Samantha, the great xda news writer, my two new DashClock extensions are on xda main page!
This is a great payback for a developer :-)

Don't miss the article http://www.xda-developers.com/android/your-network-and-call-log-on-your-dashclock/

Many thanks to all my friends helped me to test these extensions:

12 April, 2013

DashCallLog extension for DashClock

DashCallLog is an extension for Dashclock widget that showing the last call and optionally the last received / dialed and missed calls.

For each call will be displayed:
  • Call type
  • Caller name (number if absent)
  • Date and time (in optional formats)
  • Duration

The last call, regardless of type, will always be displayed, if the default options will be activated the secondary lines will be shown the last received calls / made ​​or lost.
Can also select the date format and the format of the type of call, including graphics, text, both, or none.
If there are no calls DashCallLog will not be shown.

Tapping on the widget will open the call history.
Suggestions and comments are welcome!


DashNet extension update 1.2

Just update DashNet as some users requested, here the changelog:
  • Added optionally WiFi signal strength dBm in the main widget (be careful it could use more battery, not in my test, and cause some blinking in the widget)
  • Added optionally the option to hide DashNet from main widget if in WiFi

About the WiFi signal strength I tested for some week and I did not notice a drain on the battery, I noted on my nexus7 (WiFi only) a fairly frequent blinking in DashClock, that doesn't happened on my Galaxy Nexus.....so take it as it is, I'm here to listen suggestions and comments.

22 March, 2013

DashNet extension update 1.1

rel. 1.1 changelog:
  • Changed icons based on connection (wifi or mobile)
  • Added no connection icons (if device is disconnected)
  • Fixed bug for CDMA devices
  • Minor bugs fixed

12 March, 2013

DashNet DashClock extension

DashNet is a DashClock extension that will allow you to have all the information about your network at a glance.
DashNet will show you the details on the currently active connection, whether it is WiFi or GSM:

With active WiFi connection

DashClock compressed:
  • SSID

DashClock expanded:
  • SSID
  • WiFi speed
  • IP
  • mobile network type and operator name

With active Mobile connection
DashClock compressed:
  • connection type (UMTS, GPRS ecc ecc)

DashClock expanded:
  • connection type and operator name
  • line name (if existing)

By tapping on DashClock you'll get:
with WiFi active
  • IP
  • DNS1
  • DNS2
  • Gateway
  • SSID
  • WiFi speed
  • RSSI
  • MAC address
  • IPaddresses for all the active connection

with Mobile active:
  • operator name
  • line name
  • network type
  • signal strength in dBm
  • CID
  • LAC
  • network activity (in, out, inout, none)
  • IPaddresses for all the active connection

It 'a first release, so any suggestion is warmly welcome.
Many thanks to Torben, Jan and Andrea for the help!