25 April, 2010

Phono 0.7 upgrade

New version is on the market for free, here the new of this release:
Little bug fixed
Italian & Spanish localized, more languages coming soon.

Many thanks to J. Manuel for the Spanish localization.

20 April, 2010

Next release to do

For the next releases I'm working on localization for these language:
English (default)
EspaƱol (thanks to Manuel)
If somebody is interesting to traslate Phono in other language write me he/she will be welcome.

18 April, 2010

Send me your screen shoot

Left free your fantasy, send me your operator name (your own not the real)!!
That's mine:

Phono 0.6 upgrade

Phono 0.6 upgrade is on market for free, here the news:

New layout
More preferences

Possibility to change the operator name
Possibility to add the phone number if not stored on the SIM
All the widgets will update every 10 min.

11 April, 2010

Phono 0.5 upgrade

Phono 0.5 is on the market for free, here the change:

  • Added the Share info, for to send via Gmail or SMS your data (nr. phone, device info, IMEI code etc. etc.)
  • Little fix for Tattoo devices

  • Added notification preferences, where you could set when to recive a notification (always, only in roaming, never)

Tech note: the change of the notification will have effect at the first widget refresh, if you wish it take immediately effect I suggest to remove the widget from home and replace it ;-)

09 April, 2010

Next relase to do

For the next release we are working on:
  • little fixing for tattoo
  • share info by sms or gmail
  • build preferences

Phono 0.4

Phono 0.4 is on the market! Whats new:
  • Battery status
  • Up & Active device times
  • Explicit roaming or not near the operator name

  • Notification on the staus bar

In Holiday with Phono

I spend a week in Germany, whats better test for Phono!!??
I test it in all the way, and often it save me from an expensive call & answer....Germany it's a very intrigued gsm net...some Km and you jump on another network.... like you'll see on the screen shoot below...

05 April, 2010

Next release to do

For the next release we are working on:
Add up and activity device time (done rel. 0.4)
Add battery status (done rel. 0.4)
Add explicity roaming status (done rel. 0.4)

Comments and suggests always welcome.

02 April, 2010

Phono 0.3 [28-03-2010]

Widget 2x1
Added Widget 2x1 more readable
Phone number: if "null" IMEI showed
Refresh every 10 min.
Added help and info menu

Phono 0.2a [21-03-2010]

Fixed problem with some provider (TIM)

Phono 0.2 [19-03-2010]

Change log:
New graphic like mat738 suggest
Added mobile connection status(on/off)
Fixed "null" if phone number isn't store in the MSISDN in SIM card

Added warning about the missed phone number
Added device model
Added os release and alias
Added mobile connection status