Download RC release

Here we will post the release candidate for the incoming release of Phono, please read very well all the below raccomandations!!!!.

What to include the release?
The logos requested during the time between one release and other and logos fix

What to not include the release?
Bug fixing and new implementations, it will be included only in the official market release.

Why that?
Because we collect more request and we release all together, but we don't want make user waiting a mounth for to get a simple logo!! And tormented users hasn't request to a continuos update.

How to install it?
Before install the official Market release.
The RC release is signed as the actual release present on market, it's enought to download it and install as an update.

Always download the official market release before the RC release!!!!!!!!!! this will guaranted you that the RC release is signed (and officaly our) and not a fake release!
Always download the release from this page (not from others link).
Always verify the authorizations required by the application, if new authorizations will be included we will specify it here and it will introduced in the market release before.

Actual authorizations:
READ_PHONE_STATE (used for to get the device infos)
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE (used for verify the data connection status)
CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE (used for to listen if data connection changes)
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE (used for to get the wifi status)
CHANGE_WIFI_STATE (used for to switch on/off the wifi in the toggles)

Phono 1.6h RC2 (20 april 2012)
change log
fixed logos
  • Kuwait VIVA 41904 (right logo)
  • MEDION Mobile (more visible) 
new logos
  • Venezuela Movistar 73404
  • India Loop Mobile 40421
  • Kambodia MFone 45618
  • Bolivia Tigo 73603
  • Uruguay Ancel (Antel) 74801
  • Laos Unitel 45703, Laos (Beeline) 45708
  • USA Cincinnati Bell 310420
  • Panama Movistar 71420
  • Cambodia SMART 45606
  • India !DEA 40414
  • Pakistan Ufone 41003
name based logo
  • FYVE
  • M-Budget
  • PC Mobile 
  • Crazy John's

  • Phono 1.6f RC2 (30 march 2012) RELEASED on market as 1.6g release!! (03 april 2012)

change log

Fixed fc to device with Android 4.0.4 (many thanks to Michael reported the issue and test the patch)

added logos:
  • gn      6114  areeba [MTN]
fixed logos:
  • bh      4264  VIVA (market release contains wrong logo)