22 July, 2011

Next Phono release will include settings shortcut

We are working to include a set of shortcut in the next release, at the moment we are testing these shortcut:
  • general system network preferences
  • enable/disable wifi
  • access to the available mobile network with a single tap (shows in the video below)

We think to release it in the first week of August.

11 July, 2011

Same device, different android release.....same issue!

Our hope to see solved the Galaxy S2 signal strenght issue with the 2.3.4 upgrade have been disappointed......in fact thanks to mr. Flat Teddy we knew even though the 2.3.4 update Phono doesn't work properly, in particular as regards the signal strenght....
We knew too there is two open tickets on the google support:

Android code google support

Android dev group

We really hope it will be solved as soon as possible.

07 July, 2011

Phono next release ToDo (1.5d)

Below the planed changing for the next release:

Fix logo notification (expecially for honeycomb devices)

Logos and country code:

  • turkcell 28601
  • vodafone tr 28602
  • avea 28603
  • Mobilicity 302320

resize A1 logos

Other changed could be...that's will be a surprise (perhaps yes, perhaps no....who knows...)

06 July, 2011

techeld.com review

Thanks to terminal7, Techeld.com owner, we got a wonderful review we are proud to shows:

Android phones at their default state dont have a visible operator logo, this feature is something i missed from day one of owning my G1 and since i had always enjoyed seeing the operator logo as far back as the days of the nokia 3110 it soon became a mission to find a way of displaying the network providers logo for all to see ! – Yeah okay so may be thats a bit too dramatic but i still wanted to see it anyway LOL......
.......Phono is a worldwide app and as such should work in all countries and show the correct logo for your network carrier, also it will display info about your roaming status which can be vital for some people. Phono works on all builds of Android

I would strongly recommend to all of you this excellent site (techeld.com), very well maintained and very informative.
Terminal7, the owner of Techeld.com is an extremely correct to its users, so that before writing the review to Phono he informed me that he also highlighted any negativity.
Thank Terminal7 for the review!

often in the reviews I'm the only mentioned, but I would remember to all that there is a team:
  • Tom
  • Andy
  • Ianc
  • Me
and many others friends help us!

Honeycomb fix will be release to the market soon, if you would to have it before write me.

01 July, 2011

Phono 1.5c Update

New update on the market, here the change log:

  • New Bosnia Herzegovina logos
  • Fix Thailand True Move (52099)
  • New logo for A1 austria
  • Ireland logos
  • New Russian logos: 2507, 25012
  • New aircel india 405800
  • Fixed some little problem caused occasionally force to close
Sorry for all the request we didn't satisfied, we are working very hard on all the request....be patience!

Note after released
the new A1 logo seems to be a little big....we will fix it in the next days, sorry all. (thanks to Stefan)