17 May, 2010

Thanks to everybody do a Donation!!

I'm very happy, for the people had downloaded the Donation apk.

Thank you very much, this realy payback the time spent on Phono.

16 May, 2010

Phono 1.0 update

Hi all, in the market you'll find the update, here the news:

  • German localization (thanks to Logofreax and his comunity faq4mobiles.de).

  • Added more style for widget 2x1.

I upload too a Donation apk:


14 May, 2010

Next release to do

For the next release I planned:

German localization
More styles

For the german localization I wish to thank Logofreax admin and founder of a wonderful comunity faq4mobiles.de where I found where a great reception and competence from every members ( especially from: Gani, Maez, AudiQ7 and many others).

Two Months of Phono

Hi all, yesterday 13 May was two months from the first public release of Phono.
I'll wish to thanks everybody has help me to develop it.

A little bit about Phono:
Phono was born from a post just asking Mat738 that the existence of software like this, I waited a week to see if there were answers Then one weekend I decided to develop it.
Honestly I had no expectation, two months ago a told to a friend "....it's nice, I'll be happy to get 100 users and some stars...."......

Phono today:
Phono currently had over 3100 downloads, has an average rating of 4.46 / 5.00 (source cyrket.com) is translated into four languages, all thanks to your help, your criticism and your suggestions.
Even if we get to version 1.0 I have to say that there are still many things to do and improve.

Thanks to:
Mat738, Straken, TheMorpheus and many more from androidiani.com comunity
Manuel for the Spanish localization
Bashir for the precious & wise suggest
Logofreax, Gani, Maez, AudiQ7 from faq4mobiles.de comunity

11 May, 2010

Phono 0.9 update

Free on market you'll find the new Phonos release, here the news:

Widget 2x1

  • Resized name line field (for multi-numbers SIM)

  • Added 6 new widget styles (look in the preferences for to set it)

Thanks all

05 May, 2010

Phono 0.8 update

Hi all, below the news about Phono 0.8 (always free on the market)

  • Support SIM with more telephone lines added
  • Little bug fixed
If your SIM has more lines, the name of the active line will be show in the widget (Phono2x1) instead of the country; in the activity it has a dedicated field.

Thanks to Straken76 for some suggest.