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Widget to Show Off Your Operator – Phono for Android
October 9, 2010 By: egzthunder1

Phono on XDA!

It is funny to see how we are never satisfied. There was quite a bit of development a few years back (and several apps) to remove the operator logo from our screens. Android does not display any of this information by default, so XDA members apus2 and Mæz made some widgets to bring that back and show your love for your carrier.

Aside from displaying the name of the operator, the widget does display other useful pieces of information such as signal strength, data connection, and most importantly, if you are roaming or not. The app recently went to version 1.3, so if you feel like getting this widget, make sure that you leave feedback for the dev.
 the xda-developers.com Phono thread:

TECHELD.COM review: phonO for LoGo
july 06, 2011 by terminal7

Thanks to terminal7, Techeld.com owner, we got a wonderful review we are proud to shows:

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Android phones at their default state dont have a visible operator logo, this feature is something i missed from day one of owning my G1 and since i had always enjoyed seeing the operator logo as far back as the days of the nokia 3110 it soon became a mission to find a way of displaying the network providers logo for all to see ! –  Yeah okay so may be thats a bit too dramatic but i still wanted to see it anyway LOL......
.......Phono is a worldwide app and as such should work in all countries and show the correct logo for your network carrier, also it will display info about your roaming status which can be vital for some people. Phono works on all builds of Android

I would strongly recommend to all of you this excellent site (techeld.com), very well maintained and very informative.  
Terminal7, the owner of Techeld.com is an extremely correct to its users, so that before writing the review to Phono he informed me that he also highlighted any negativity.
Thank Terminal7 for the review!