31 December, 2010

Happy new year!!!!!

From the Phono dev team......ALL THE BEST FROM THE NEW YEAR

27 December, 2010

Comments and questions posted on market.....

Like most of you know we can't answer directly on market to questions or comments, so we thought to do it on dedicated board.
Else we recommend to write us directly You'll find Answers to some market comment here:
support board

14 December, 2010

Phono 1.4a Update

On market!

New in this release:
  • 1x1 fixed occasional fc on installation/update release
  • Improved all logos
  • added Christmas style (1x1 2x1)
  • Fixed wrong Sprint (3100) associated logo

New logos and country code:
  • Ukraine:
    MTS 2551
    Beeline 2552
    Kyivstar 2553
    Intertelecom 2554
    Golden Telecom 2555
    Utel 2557
    PEOPLEnet 25521
    CDMA Ukraine 25523
  • Luxemburg:
    LuxGSM 2701
    Tango 27077
    Orange 27099
  • India:
    Airtel 40440
  • Singapore:
    M1 5254

05 December, 2010

Next Release [ToDo] DONE

This next release will fix and include:

all done, see Update 1.4a

02 December, 2010

Phono 1.4 Update

  • CDMA and EVDO signal strength support
  • Added New 2x1 widget styles
  • Added 1x1 widget styles (2 full trasparent)
  • Operator name color personalize
  • Roaming operator name color personalize
we wrong associated Sprint code 3100 so wrong logo showed!
Sorry we will fix asap.
Thanks Bob for reported and help and DWW for the help

Important notice: Remove widget from homescreen before updating!

New country code and improved logos:

T-Mobile 310260, 31026, 310490
AT&T 31090, 310410, 310560, 310680
Verizon 3104, 3105, 31012
Sprint 310120
US Cellular 20066

Orange 2080, 2081, 2082
SFR 20810, 20811, 20813
Bouygues 28020, 28021, 28099

Vodafone 2141, 2146
Orange 2143, 2149, 21433
movistar 2145, 2147
BT 21415

Czech Rep.:
T-Mobile 2301
o2 2302
Vodafone 2303, 23099
u:fon 2304

Vodafone 2261
Orange 22610
Cosmote 2263, 2264, 2266
Romtelecom 2262
digi.mobil 2265

Hong Kong:
One2free 4540
Citic 4541
CSL 4542, 45418
Hutchinson 3G 4543, 4544, 45414
Vodafone 4546, 45415,45417
China Unicom 4547
China Motion Telecon 4549
China HongKong Telecom 45411
CMCC 45412
PCCW 45416, 45419, 45429

Orange 4251
Cellcom 4252
Pelephone 4253

Tele2 2042
Telfort 20412, 20418

South Korea:
KT 4502, 4504, 4508
SK Telecom 4505
LGT(U+) 4506
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06 November, 2010

Next Relase [ToDo]

  • CDMA/EVDO signal stength support
  • New widget styles
  • US country code
  • Romania country code
  • Hong Kong country code
  • Israel country code (Thanks for donation)
  • Improve some logos (eg: Slovenian Tusmobile, T-Mobile resize)

  • Czech country code

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04 November, 2010

Phono 1.3c Update


- fixed x10 mini issue (thanks to tester Andymnc)
- fixed roaming notification issue (thanks RoBo report)
- fixed Phone number issue on some SIM
- Dutch localization (thanks Tom)
- Greek localization (thanks Nicandris)

Swisscom logo improved

A1 Mobilkom logo improved (thanks Mike for the report)

  • TeliaSonera 24491
  • DNA 2443, 24412
  • TDC 2448
  • Finnet 2444, 2449
  • Elisa 2445
  • Alands Mobiltelefon 24414
  • Saunalathi 24421, 24441

  • Vodafone 2681
  • Optimus 2683
  • Oniway 2685
  • TMN 2682

  • Telenor 2421
  • Netcom 2422
  • Mtu 2423
  • Tele2 2424
  • Network Norway 2425
  • Nordisk Mobil 2426
  • Ventelo 2427
  • TDC Mobile 2428
  • Barablu 2429
  • Lyca 24223

  • T-Mobile 2191
  • Tele2 2192
  • VIPnet 21910

  • SingTel 5251
  • SingTel-G18 5252
  • M1 5253
  • StarHub 5255

19 October, 2010

Blog restyle

The great Mæz put his magic hands on the blog layout.....you can see alone the result!!!! ;-)

*edit by Mæz*: From now on, all post are in three languages: english, italian and german.

15 October, 2010

Next release [ToDo] - DONE!

All done, Changelog -> Phono 1.3c Update

Phono on XDA ;-)

With great pride I will point out the review made by egzthunder1 on xda-developers.com .

Widget to Show Off Your Operator – Phono for Android
October 9, 2010 By: egzthunder1

"It is funny to see how we are never satisfied. There was quite a bit of development a few years back (and several apps) to remove the operator logo from our screens. Android does not display any of this information by default, so XDA members apus2 and Mæz made some widgets to bring that back and show your love for your carrier.

Aside from displaying the name of the operator, the widget does display other useful pieces of information such as signal strength, data connection, and most importantly, if you are roaming or not. The app recently went to version 1.3, so if you feel like getting this widget, make sure that you leave feedback for the dev."

Thanks egzthunder1!!

Phono on XDA!

12 October, 2010

Phono 1.3b Update

Fixed German provider issue (name line for multi numbers sim removed from 2x1 widget)

Added these country code and logo:

* Telestra 5051, 50511, 50571, 50572
* Optus 5052, 50590
* Vodafone 5053, 5057
* Onetel 5058, 50599
* H3g 5056, 50512

* MTN 2800, 28010
* Cyta 2801

* H3g 23420

* H3g 23210

* MTS 2501

* Wind

11 October, 2010

German provider issue

=- SOLVED -= rel. 1.3b

From today some german user experience an issue on the 2x1 widget, the connection type disappears and the line name take place.....
This happen because Phono from rel. 0.9 support multi numbers sim and display the line name on widget at place of connection type, the German provider decided, to write in this field else the sim has a single number, for this reason Phono give more importance to the line name as the connection type.
Tomorrow Phono will get a fast update for to fix it.
I`m sorry with the german users experience this issue.
Thanks all

10 October, 2010

Phono 1.3a Update

This fast release fixed only the connection type bug http://phonoins.blogspot.com/2010/10/know-bug-on-phono-13.html.
Sorry to everybody....

Know bug on Phono 1.3

=- SOLVED -=
The Russian country code are wrong.....so Phono does not display the right logos, I'll fix it in the coming week.

Found a bug on the connection type......
eg: on connection HSDPA Phono show EVDO_0

The GPRS, EDGE and UMTS are ok, all the other are showed wrong.

I'm sorry, I'll fixed it ASAP.

08 October, 2010

Phono 1.3 Update

Below the news for this release:

  • Added operator logo on the status bar

  • Fixed some bugs

  • New operator country code & logos (Austrian, Holland, Greece, Belgium and some fixed)
Open the Phono activity after the installation and before place the widget
Remove the old widget from the home else you get wrong logo

Please take a look at:

30 September, 2010

[Next release] Country code

In the next release of Phono will be included new operator country code and logo:


  • Scarlet 2041
  • Vodafone 2044
  • Barablu 2046
  • Teleena 2047
  • Knp 2048, 20410
  • Tele2 20412
  • T-Mobile 20415, 20416
  • Orange 20420


  • Mobilecom Austria 2321
  • T-Mobile 2323
  • Orange 2325


  • Cosmo 2021
  • Vodafone 2025
  • Wind 2029, 20210


  • Belgacom 2061
  • Globul 2065
  • Mobistar 20610
  • Base 20620


  • Sunrise 2282

Logos Update

  • Swisscom
  • British telecom

If your operator isn't in Phono please write me I will add.

17 September, 2010

Thank you xda-members!

Thanks to the following members of xda-developers.com:

-Gene Pole

for doing a short test of "phono" in United States. You were a big help for us.

14 September, 2010

Phono 1.2a Update

After nearly one mounth of test is finally avaible on market the 1.2a release of Phono here the changes:

Widget 1x1

  • added signal strength in real time (graphics)

  • removed phone number (sorry at who missed it....space problems)

Widget 2x1

  • added signal strength in real time (percent & graphics)

  • same little changes on layout

Like always comments and suggest are welcome.
Ps a big thanks to everybody help me in the test phase!!!

06 September, 2010

Phono 1.2a - Again positive tests

Some update about the Phono 1.2a test:
- Manfred inform me about a positive report test on desire.
- Matt738 has too positive test with Phono 1.2a release.

I'm waiting again some confirmation for to release It pubblic in the market.

Many thanks to them for the time they spend to Phono!! 

24 August, 2010

Zogger test result

Zogger report positive test for the Phono release 1.2a, it run without any problems on custom froyo rom and stock froyo release.
Now will be time for other test.
Everybody will try this release could write me.
Thanksfull to Zogger and Maez (tester coordinator).

22 August, 2010

Phono 1.2a in beta test (notice)

Maez, Zogger, Manuel and obviously I are test from some days a beta of Phono 1.2a.
This release include the real time signal strength, it was guilty of many problem on some devices.
Maez, Manuel and I have not found any bugs till now, all seems running well, we tested it in big city and country, i`m waiting again for the Zogger response....
If our test will be all positive I will open this beta to everybody wish to test it, and only after I will have the certain it will run well I`ll release it on market.

16 August, 2010

Why Phono 1.2 crash and we don't see?

I wish again ask sorry to everybody get this issue!

Why Phono 1.2 crash?
This issue happened when you are in an area with many antennas and over all when you'are across to more cells, the problem is Phono listen every signal strength changed (1 asu) and it continue to refresh the widget, this operation make work the cpu too much and at the end lag the device.

Why I didn't see the problem?
Becouse I develop this release during holydays (I'm stupid I know...;) ) in a place very quite and without many antennas......the guys tested it was too in a quite place .....unlucky? MORE!!!

These are the conclusion of some days of test and I wish to give a big big thanks to:
  • Maez (tester coordinator)
  • Dodotech
  • Zoggermaster
  • Mrot2321
  • Crazyschranz
  • MastaPole
  • Dowser
  • Biesti2004
  • Mat738
  • Manuel

13 August, 2010

Phono 1.2 crash Phono 1.1b back on market

I'm very sorry for the release 1.2, I test for some days on Hero 2.1, G1 1.6 rooted and Tattoo 1.6 and I didn't get any error all is (now again working fine).....so I decided to publish it.
I recive the first mail after an hour and he tell me about the issue, I start to understand.....but I wasn't able to replicate the error, when I saw some bad comment on the market I decided to unpublish it and replace the last 1.1b.

I'm very sorry with everybody get this problem, I'm absolutely in good faith, I never and never wish to give problem with my apk to anybody, I hope you all could belive me and apologize.

I need to teel to the people write comment on market that it's a right they have, but will be great and nice to help the developer and write a mail.

[UPDATE 14/o8/2010]
I think to understand the problem....I test it in a place where there is not so much antennas and the signal is quite, so Phono don't work much....but in a city or in places with many signal traffic Phono work hard and use CPU resource.....

Know bug on installation -= SOLVED =-

If you get this issue is because at any first installation you install the widget before run activity. =-SOLVED-=
  1. Remove the widget
  2. Open the activity (Phono) in your application list
  3. Replace the widget

09 August, 2010

Phono 1.1b Update

Minor update release.

  • Added new operators logo.
  • Added linkified to help.
  • Renewed H3G logo.


After this update could be that the widget show wrong logo, remove the widget and reinstall it or wait for a refresh.

03 August, 2010

Know bugs with SIM lock enabled

Below the know bugs:

  • Force to close on boot SOLVED
  • When you boot the device with SIM lock enabled and connected to your wifi the widget dosen't update, when you change the connection to mobile it update. (I found this issue only on G1, on Hero it works)

    (tested with htc hero 2.1 not rooted & G1 1.6 dwang fw)


mail me if you'll find other bugs.


Phono 1.1a Update

This update fix the problem force to close on boot when your device has SIM lock enabled.
Added Russian logos (thanks to Кирилл)

I'm sorry to everybody experience this issue....(I don't use it and I didn't test this eventuality...).
There is again some minor issue with SIM lock enabled, please refer to the Know bugs post.


01 August, 2010

About the operators logo (update 09-08-2010)

Here you'll find all the operators logo inserted in Phono 1.1, if your is not avaible please send me the country code you'll find on Phono activity near the country.
In the future release I'll include the possibility to activate or deactivate the preset logo (green android), and pheraps the possibility to use personalized logs, till this update if you get a better logo send me.

all the logos are included


  • Vodafone 2622, 2624,2629
  • T-Mobile 2621, 2626
  • E-Plus 2623, 2625, 26277
  • O2 2627, 2628, 26211
  • Group 3G 26214


  • Vodafone 2141, 2146
  • Movistar 2147
  • Orange 2149
  • BT Group 21415


  • Swisscom 2281
  • Orange 2283
  • Sunrise 22812
  • 3G Mobile 22850


  • BT 2340, 23477
  • O2 2342, 23410, 23411, 23478
  • Vodafone 23415
  • T-Mobile 23430
  • Virgin 23431, 23432
  • Orange 23433, 23434

  • Orange 26030


  • AT&T 310311, 310410, 310670
  • Verizon 3103, 31012
  • T-Mobile 3104, 310160, 310200, 310210, 310220, 310230, 310240, 310250, 310260, 310270


  • Megafonr 25002
  • Mts 25001
  • Beeline 25099
  • Utel 25017, 25039


  • Telenor DK 2382


  • M-Tel 2841

30 July, 2010

Know Bugs on 1.1

Force to close when device has SIM with pin code active......
I'm working on.....

Phono 1.1 Update

Hi all, from yesterday evening is avaible an update of Phono on the market.
There are many news on it:
  • New look (only a little bit)
  • Info on line strength (asu / % and graphics in real time)
  • Info on the storage (device and Sd)
  • Info about RAM
  • Operator logo*
  • Build and brand release

  • New graphics on 1x1 and 2x1
  • Operator logo*
  • Update on connection change
Important note:
Not every operator logo is avaible and same isn't nice.....sorry, I'll try to do my best....If your logo is not avaible please send me a note here or via email with the country code you'll find in the activity near the country, I'll provide to do it.
In the next future I'm thinking to give the opportunity to personalize the logo....but this is another story ;-)
Know bugs
If you use pin on the sim Phono could be has a force to close....I will fix it, schedule for the next release.

17 May, 2010

Thanks to everybody do a Donation!!

I'm very happy, for the people had downloaded the Donation apk.

Thank you very much, this realy payback the time spent on Phono.

16 May, 2010

Phono 1.0 update

Hi all, in the market you'll find the update, here the news:

  • German localization (thanks to Logofreax and his comunity faq4mobiles.de).

  • Added more style for widget 2x1.

I upload too a Donation apk:


14 May, 2010

Next release to do

For the next release I planned:

German localization
More styles

For the german localization I wish to thank Logofreax admin and founder of a wonderful comunity faq4mobiles.de where I found where a great reception and competence from every members ( especially from: Gani, Maez, AudiQ7 and many others).

Two Months of Phono

Hi all, yesterday 13 May was two months from the first public release of Phono.
I'll wish to thanks everybody has help me to develop it.

A little bit about Phono:
Phono was born from a post just asking Mat738 that the existence of software like this, I waited a week to see if there were answers Then one weekend I decided to develop it.
Honestly I had no expectation, two months ago a told to a friend "....it's nice, I'll be happy to get 100 users and some stars...."......

Phono today:
Phono currently had over 3100 downloads, has an average rating of 4.46 / 5.00 (source cyrket.com) is translated into four languages, all thanks to your help, your criticism and your suggestions.
Even if we get to version 1.0 I have to say that there are still many things to do and improve.

Thanks to:
Mat738, Straken, TheMorpheus and many more from androidiani.com comunity
Manuel for the Spanish localization
Bashir for the precious & wise suggest
Logofreax, Gani, Maez, AudiQ7 from faq4mobiles.de comunity

11 May, 2010

Phono 0.9 update

Free on market you'll find the new Phonos release, here the news:

Widget 2x1

  • Resized name line field (for multi-numbers SIM)

  • Added 6 new widget styles (look in the preferences for to set it)

Thanks all

05 May, 2010

Phono 0.8 update

Hi all, below the news about Phono 0.8 (always free on the market)

  • Support SIM with more telephone lines added
  • Little bug fixed
If your SIM has more lines, the name of the active line will be show in the widget (Phono2x1) instead of the country; in the activity it has a dedicated field.

Thanks to Straken76 for some suggest.

25 April, 2010

Phono 0.7 upgrade

New version is on the market for free, here the new of this release:
Little bug fixed
Italian & Spanish localized, more languages coming soon.

Many thanks to J. Manuel for the Spanish localization.

20 April, 2010

Next release to do

For the next releases I'm working on localization for these language:
English (default)
Español (thanks to Manuel)
If somebody is interesting to traslate Phono in other language write me he/she will be welcome.

18 April, 2010

Send me your screen shoot

Left free your fantasy, send me your operator name (your own not the real)!!
That's mine:

Phono 0.6 upgrade

Phono 0.6 upgrade is on market for free, here the news:

New layout
More preferences

Possibility to change the operator name
Possibility to add the phone number if not stored on the SIM
All the widgets will update every 10 min.

11 April, 2010

Phono 0.5 upgrade

Phono 0.5 is on the market for free, here the change:

  • Added the Share info, for to send via Gmail or SMS your data (nr. phone, device info, IMEI code etc. etc.)
  • Little fix for Tattoo devices

  • Added notification preferences, where you could set when to recive a notification (always, only in roaming, never)

Tech note: the change of the notification will have effect at the first widget refresh, if you wish it take immediately effect I suggest to remove the widget from home and replace it ;-)

09 April, 2010

Next relase to do

For the next release we are working on:
  • little fixing for tattoo
  • share info by sms or gmail
  • build preferences

Phono 0.4

Phono 0.4 is on the market! Whats new:
  • Battery status
  • Up & Active device times
  • Explicit roaming or not near the operator name

  • Notification on the staus bar

In Holiday with Phono

I spend a week in Germany, whats better test for Phono!!??
I test it in all the way, and often it save me from an expensive call & answer....Germany it's a very intrigued gsm net...some Km and you jump on another network.... like you'll see on the screen shoot below...

05 April, 2010

Next release to do

For the next release we are working on:
Add up and activity device time (done rel. 0.4)
Add battery status (done rel. 0.4)
Add explicity roaming status (done rel. 0.4)

Comments and suggests always welcome.

02 April, 2010

Phono 0.3 [28-03-2010]

Widget 2x1
Added Widget 2x1 more readable
Phone number: if "null" IMEI showed
Refresh every 10 min.
Added help and info menu

Phono 0.2a [21-03-2010]

Fixed problem with some provider (TIM)

Phono 0.2 [19-03-2010]

Change log:
New graphic like mat738 suggest
Added mobile connection status(on/off)
Fixed "null" if phone number isn't store in the MSISDN in SIM card

Added warning about the missed phone number
Added device model
Added os release and alias
Added mobile connection status

31 March, 2010

Phono 0.1

03-13-2010 First public release on the android market .

Welcome to Phono site!

Phono show provider name on your home and some info about your line and phone. It show if you are in roaming or not. It could be very usefull if you have a special prize when you are in roaming.