19 May, 2011

Android 2.3.3 Signal strength issue on some devices (Galaxy S2)

On some devices there is an issue with Android (gingerbread)2.3.3 that prevents Phono from working correctly. The problem seems to be with the Android API.
We get notice of this issue from Galaxy S2 users.
We tested Phono on:
Wildfire S (2.3.3) = works fine
Nexus One (2.3.3) = works fine
Desire (2.3.3) = works fine
Galaxy S2 (2.3.3) = signal strength doesn't work.... (Thanks to Steve for the test!)

Other tested devices results:
G1 1.6 ok
Tattoo 1.6 ok
Hero 2.1 ok
X10 mini 2.1 ok
Desire Z 2.2.1 ok
Desire hd 2.3.4 ok
Hauwei u8159 2.2 ok
Galaxy S 2.2 ok

Hope this issue will be soon resolved!

16 May, 2011

[Know bug] USA CDMA roaming issue

Thanks to Kevin, we discovered a cdma roaming issue.

when your cdma provider hasn't coverage it switch to another network and no logo is showed.
We will fix it ASAP.
Sorry all.

13 May, 2011

Phono 1.5a Update

Phono 1.5a is available on market.

Here the change log:
Minor bugs fixed
New 4x1 style (thanks to sshick™ )
Improved menu icons

New supported operators:
-Bosnia Erzegovina
-Brazil (not all)

Improved or added:
-India (idea)
-Thailand (cat)
-Kazakhstan (tele2)

New logos icons for mdpi with Android 2.3 for the moment only:
These new mdpi logos was necessary becouse the Android 2.3 release changes the status bar icons directives, for hdpi our standard icons works, but for the devices mdpi with 2.3 it is wrost.....if you'll need for your country please send me a note, I'll add it!

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06 May, 2011

Phono poll (RESULT): function preferred by users

Thanks to everyone who partecipated in the survey, here the result:

What is your favorite Phono's feature?

  1. Logo on status bar (73%)

  2. Widget on home screen (20%)

  3. Activity (6%)

03 May, 2011

Phono Next release ToDo (1.5a)

Next release will include:

minor bugs fix
some improvment

  • 47001 Grameen
  • 47002 Axiata
  • 47003 Orascom
  • 47004 Tele Talk
  • 47005 CityCell
  • 47006 Airtel
  • 47007 Warid

  • 50212, 50217 Maxis
  • 50213, 50219 Celcom
  • 50216 DiGi
  • 50218 U Mobile

  • 72402, 72403, 72404, 72408 TIM
  • 72405 Claro
  • 72406, 72410, 72411, 72423 Vivo
  • 72416, 72424, 72431 Oi

Bosnian Herzegovina
  • 21803 Eronet
  • 21805 m:tel
  • 21890 Bh mobile
  • 40407 Idea

Some logos improvements

more details soon....