16 November, 2012

Phono 1.7 released

The new release of Phono is on market, here the changelog:

  • Fixed bug for devices use JB 4.2
  • Added new widget style (holo and more line infos on 2x1 holo)
  • Added activity style (holo dark & light)
  • Improved and added many logos (i try to do always my best...but my graphic skill isn't the best)
  • Added add on possibility (I'm working on .....so stay tuned)
  • New Czech localization (thanks to Jirs)

ASAP I will try to update the supported providers page.....be patient I try always to do my best...

14 November, 2012

Force to close on android 4.2

There is a problem with the last release of android that cause a force to close of Phono, it seems to be an issue in the external memory size calculation routine.
We will fix asap.