25 January, 2011

How Phono measures the signal strenght

Here some details, how phono calculates the signal percentage:

To determine the signal strength dBm is used, Android provides also ASU, which determine the speed at which the phone is able to update its position with the nearby antennas.
Phono uses an algorithm that tasform the asu in decibels to determine the actual signal strength on a linear scale. The bars in the statusbar instead take a range from -112dBm (low) to -60dBm (signal good) and for example when you above -87dBm it shows full, even if it should not. So the graph in the status bar is really approximate.
To further verify what I'm saying you can use: -> Menu -> Settings -> Phone info -> Network (second item) -> Signal strength (second item)
You'll find the specified dBm and ASU, compare them with those of Phono and see which are the same (but do not change location while doing it).

Finally to say the signal quality is a provider / net problem and not an issue of phono!

Hope this makes the situation a little bit clear to the users. ;) If not, feel free to contact us.

If you got 180% signal strength, please Read here:Galaxy s2 2.3.3 issue

17 January, 2011

Move to sd

For peoples asked to move Phono to sd:

Direct from android dev documentation

Applications That Should NOT Install on External Storage

When the user enables USB mass storage to share files with their computer (or otherwise unmounts or removes the external storage), any application installed on the external storage and currently running is killed. The system effectively becomes unaware of the application until mass storage is disabled and the external storage is remounted on the device. Besides killing the application and making it unavailable to the user, this can break some types of applications in a more serious way. In order for your application to consistently behave as expected, you should not allow your application to be installed on the external storage if it uses any of the following features, due to the cited consequences when the external storage is unmounted:

App Widgets
Your App Widget will be removed from the home screen. When external storage is remounted, your App Widget will not be available for the user to select until the system resets the home application (usually not until a system reboot).

Like developer we think to give to the user a stable application! That's the main reason we do not raccoment to move Phono on sd.

You give us one star cause we don't allow to move Phono on sd, before to be so categorical you could write us a mail and ask the reason about our decision.....or to read the documentation......

05 January, 2011

Phono 1.4b Update

This minor update include:
Android 2.3 compatible
Verizon issue fixed
EVDO_B support
Deleted country from minimalist style 2x1

02 January, 2011

Verizon & Sprint issue (1.4a)

=- SOLVED -=

Thanks to Larry and DJ, we found that Verizon and Sprint for their CDMA networks do not use unique identifiers, this causes an incorrect view of the Verizon logo.
We have already solved the problem and the solution will be included in the next release.

For anyone who has no time to wait for the official release write to us, we will send directly the fixing.