19 May, 2011

Android 2.3.3 Signal strength issue on some devices (Galaxy S2)

On some devices there is an issue with Android (gingerbread)2.3.3 that prevents Phono from working correctly. The problem seems to be with the Android API.
We get notice of this issue from Galaxy S2 users.
We tested Phono on:
Wildfire S (2.3.3) = works fine
Nexus One (2.3.3) = works fine
Desire (2.3.3) = works fine
Galaxy S2 (2.3.3) = signal strength doesn't work.... (Thanks to Steve for the test!)

Other tested devices results:
G1 1.6 ok
Tattoo 1.6 ok
Hero 2.1 ok
X10 mini 2.1 ok
Desire Z 2.2.1 ok
Desire hd 2.3.4 ok
Hauwei u8159 2.2 ok
Galaxy S 2.2 ok

Hope this issue will be soon resolved!


  1. Operator of Spain:

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  2. Hi,

    Any updates on this issue with the Galaxy S2 and Gingerbread 2.3.3?
    I'd really like the signal strength function to work, was used to it on my previous phones and I loved it! :-)

    Thanks a lot for support!

  3. @jt02, officially not, I read some users market comments that said with 2.3.6 update it works...... I didn't get any answer to my request from samsung...... I'm sorry!

  4. Alright, thanks for quick reply Stefano.

    Guess when you're the market leader in smartphones, you can't really be bothered...

  5. @jt02, you're welcome! I think samsung's behaviour is not acceptable! I was often tempted to exclude samsung's device from my application but it would not be right for users (that aren't guilty) who have spent money on these devices!

  6. I have the same problem on the Samsung note. Shows a constant 180% signal strength.

  7. @vinayaga, thanks i already know it, seems on some devices samsung solved it with the last update.... Seems.....

  8. I have the issue on HTC One, with EE, but only when my phone is connected to the network on LTE.

    1. Thanks, i will try to investigate on lte nets....(I haven't one...:( )

  9. Thanks for all the time of the Software.


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