13 May, 2011

Phono 1.5a Update

Phono 1.5a is available on market.

Here the change log:
Minor bugs fixed
New 4x1 style (thanks to sshick™ )
Improved menu icons

New supported operators:
-Bosnia Erzegovina
-Brazil (not all)

Improved or added:
-India (idea)
-Thailand (cat)
-Kazakhstan (tele2)

New logos icons for mdpi with Android 2.3 for the moment only:
These new mdpi logos was necessary becouse the Android 2.3 release changes the status bar icons directives, for hdpi our standard icons works, but for the devices mdpi with 2.3 it is wrost.....if you'll need for your country please send me a note, I'll add it!

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Please on logo request specify the mcc&mnc (you could found it on Phono activity near "Nation" field) eg 22210.