17 November, 2015

Phono 1.9b update

Just published the 1.9b update, it fixed a bug on Android 6.0 that caused the Phono's stop error.

This issue happened if the network icon was active in the notification and if the device was in airplane mode active.

Added and update some logos.

13 October, 2015

Phono 1.9a update (new android wear support)

The new realse contains some new features and some fixing, here the changelog:

  • fixed bug on roaming notification, now it will be showing only one time
  • fixed the notification on device with android release before the 5.x.x
  • removed the possibility to share info trought SMS (that caused an error) 
  • minor bug fixed

New features
  • added android wear support (see images below) 
  • added wifi frequency for devices with Android 5.x.x or more recent
  • added and updated  some carrier logos

04 September, 2015

Phono 1.9 how to hide notification in the lock screen

Here step by step the right procedure to hide the Phono notification from the lock screen.

Go in Setting and choose "Sound & notification"

Choose "When device is locked" option

Than "Hide sensitive notification content"

Go to Phono preferences and tap on "LockScreen Notification" and choos "NO"

That's all!

NOTE with the "Hide sensitive notification content" option active ALL the notification will have the sensitive text (normally the sencond line of that) hidden.

01 September, 2015

Phono 1.9 update

Just update Phono to the 1.9, this release has many changes above all in the notification system.
Now the notification is more clear, it contains bright information about the carrier and the used network, we added the possibility to show the network icon (Mobile or WiFi).
In this release is possible to hide the notification in the lock screen to do that you must already have setting the Android notification system in private mode (we post more details about it soon).

Here the changelog:
  • Lockscreen, show or hide notification, read notes please!
  • Priority of the notification (high / medium / low)
  • WiFi / Mobile icon option in the notification
  • Text information on the type of connection in the notification
  • Ability to use logos based on the name line or custom even when abroad
  • New logos
  • Small bugs fixed
More details and screen shot soon!

some screen:

21 May, 2015

Phono 1.8b update

This is a fast update to fix 1.8a bug with android 2.x.

Phono update 1.8a

This release fix some LTE signal strength issue that we found on some devices ....and I really hope with this to close definetly this kind of bugs, so finally we can dedicate to improve the notifications an the user interface (widget incluse).....
here the changelog:

  • fixed LTE signal strength bug
  • added and fixed some logos
  • honeycombfix option enabled by default to prevent ricurring notification (remember if you need you can always disable it in Phono preferences)
Many thanks to: David Mersi, Jiří M. and Torben for the time spent to test the LTE fixing

PS: donation are very welcome https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infonetservice.phonodonate 

15 May, 2015

Phono update

After some months of silence we are back with some Phono update, from release 1.7b we gone to 1.8....here the chancelogs:
  • 1.7c Fixed a big issue with uk network that introduced the wifi calls, that's caused Phono crash because the network type wasn't include in our network type array, we were not guilty about it, because UK networks doesn't respect the Android parameters....
    many thanks to Neil & Byron for the great help!
  • 1.7d Fixed sone Thai and Malaysa logos
  • 1.7e Fixed some logos
  • 1.8 Finally we solved the LTE signal strength issue!!! Many thanks!