19 October, 2010

Blog restyle

The great Mæz put his magic hands on the blog layout.....you can see alone the result!!!! ;-)

*edit by Mæz*: From now on, all post are in three languages: english, italian and german.

15 October, 2010

Next release [ToDo] - DONE!

All done, Changelog -> Phono 1.3c Update

Phono on XDA ;-)

With great pride I will point out the review made by egzthunder1 on xda-developers.com .

Widget to Show Off Your Operator – Phono for Android
October 9, 2010 By: egzthunder1

"It is funny to see how we are never satisfied. There was quite a bit of development a few years back (and several apps) to remove the operator logo from our screens. Android does not display any of this information by default, so XDA members apus2 and Mæz made some widgets to bring that back and show your love for your carrier.

Aside from displaying the name of the operator, the widget does display other useful pieces of information such as signal strength, data connection, and most importantly, if you are roaming or not. The app recently went to version 1.3, so if you feel like getting this widget, make sure that you leave feedback for the dev."

Thanks egzthunder1!!

Phono on XDA!

12 October, 2010

Phono 1.3b Update

Fixed German provider issue (name line for multi numbers sim removed from 2x1 widget)

Added these country code and logo:

* Telestra 5051, 50511, 50571, 50572
* Optus 5052, 50590
* Vodafone 5053, 5057
* Onetel 5058, 50599
* H3g 5056, 50512

* MTN 2800, 28010
* Cyta 2801

* H3g 23420

* H3g 23210

* MTS 2501

* Wind

11 October, 2010

German provider issue

=- SOLVED -= rel. 1.3b

From today some german user experience an issue on the 2x1 widget, the connection type disappears and the line name take place.....
This happen because Phono from rel. 0.9 support multi numbers sim and display the line name on widget at place of connection type, the German provider decided, to write in this field else the sim has a single number, for this reason Phono give more importance to the line name as the connection type.
Tomorrow Phono will get a fast update for to fix it.
I`m sorry with the german users experience this issue.
Thanks all

10 October, 2010

Phono 1.3a Update

This fast release fixed only the connection type bug http://phonoins.blogspot.com/2010/10/know-bug-on-phono-13.html.
Sorry to everybody....

Know bug on Phono 1.3

=- SOLVED -=
The Russian country code are wrong.....so Phono does not display the right logos, I'll fix it in the coming week.

Found a bug on the connection type......
eg: on connection HSDPA Phono show EVDO_0

The GPRS, EDGE and UMTS are ok, all the other are showed wrong.

I'm sorry, I'll fixed it ASAP.

08 October, 2010

Phono 1.3 Update

Below the news for this release:

  • Added operator logo on the status bar

  • Fixed some bugs

  • New operator country code & logos (Austrian, Holland, Greece, Belgium and some fixed)
Open the Phono activity after the installation and before place the widget
Remove the old widget from the home else you get wrong logo

Please take a look at: