06 September, 2016

Phono 1.9g review

This is an unusual post, but I received this review from a user and I would like to share it with the blog followers:

Good morning! Yesterday I wrote it because nn I was sure that the app would work with this phone. Thank assistance in particular Stefano, who yesterday continued to respond until late evening to solve my problema.beh Stefano ... problem solved! The app works properly ... thank you very much tanto.ogni meet people serious keep us in the work they do ... even I am so with my work .... and it is right to let them know!
These kind of reviews are the best payback for a developer!!

Many thanks to http://www.wtravelevents.com and please visit this service!!!

09 June, 2016

Phono 1.9g Update

There wasn't post about the updates between 1.9b and 1.9g because nothing relevant was changed, these updates are focalized to fix and satisfied logos request.
Many thanks