30 July, 2010

Phono 1.1 Update

Hi all, from yesterday evening is avaible an update of Phono on the market.
There are many news on it:
  • New look (only a little bit)
  • Info on line strength (asu / % and graphics in real time)
  • Info on the storage (device and Sd)
  • Info about RAM
  • Operator logo*
  • Build and brand release

  • New graphics on 1x1 and 2x1
  • Operator logo*
  • Update on connection change
Important note:
Not every operator logo is avaible and same isn't nice.....sorry, I'll try to do my best....If your logo is not avaible please send me a note here or via email with the country code you'll find in the activity near the country, I'll provide to do it.
In the next future I'm thinking to give the opportunity to personalize the logo....but this is another story ;-)
Know bugs
If you use pin on the sim Phono could be has a force to close....I will fix it, schedule for the next release.

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Please on logo request specify the mcc&mnc (you could found it on Phono activity near "Nation" field) eg 22210.