14 May, 2010

Next release to do

For the next release I planned:

German localization
More styles

For the german localization I wish to thank Logofreax admin and founder of a wonderful comunity faq4mobiles.de where I found where a great reception and competence from every members ( especially from: Gani, Maez, AudiQ7 and many others).


  1. I think this widget fills a genuine niche that I needed filling; specifically the kernel and build info on a fast and accessible screen. I also love the roaming notification.
    What I'd like to see next is the file space on SD and onboard storage used/open/Max--that sort of info. Just a new section on the main app window. Also, though not as useful, but does the phone keep an echoable "uptime" counter without needing another memory-resident service to keep track? That would also be nice to see.

  2. Hi Smite, thanks for your comment and suggestion.
    I will be very happy to accomplish your tips & desire, I like it.
    I ask my self if the info you wish do you want on the activity or on the widget?
    Lets me know.


Please on logo request specify the mcc&mnc (you could found it on Phono activity near "Nation" field) eg 22210.