13 August, 2010

Phono 1.2 crash Phono 1.1b back on market

I'm very sorry for the release 1.2, I test for some days on Hero 2.1, G1 1.6 rooted and Tattoo 1.6 and I didn't get any error all is (now again working fine).....so I decided to publish it.
I recive the first mail after an hour and he tell me about the issue, I start to understand.....but I wasn't able to replicate the error, when I saw some bad comment on the market I decided to unpublish it and replace the last 1.1b.

I'm very sorry with everybody get this problem, I'm absolutely in good faith, I never and never wish to give problem with my apk to anybody, I hope you all could belive me and apologize.

I need to teel to the people write comment on market that it's a right they have, but will be great and nice to help the developer and write a mail.

[UPDATE 14/o8/2010]
I think to understand the problem....I test it in a place where there is not so much antennas and the signal is quite, so Phono don't work much....but in a city or in places with many signal traffic Phono work hard and use CPU resource.....

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