14 September, 2010

Phono 1.2a Update

After nearly one mounth of test is finally avaible on market the 1.2a release of Phono here the changes:

Widget 1x1

  • added signal strength in real time (graphics)

  • removed phone number (sorry at who missed it....space problems)

Widget 2x1

  • added signal strength in real time (percent & graphics)

  • same little changes on layout

Like always comments and suggest are welcome.
Ps a big thanks to everybody help me in the test phase!!!


  1. Useful widget, thank you.
    It should be perfect to have the operator name in the notification area, as in the iPhone.

    Thanks again.

  2. Hi Diego, thanks for your interest to Phono, operator name on status bar scheduled for Phono or a new apk.

  3. Wonderful!
    Thank you very much ;-)

  4. Rel. 1.3 on beta test, it will include operator logo on status bar, unfortunatly operator name as iphone is impossible to do, but i think logo is more nice.... ;)


Please on logo request specify the mcc&mnc (you could found it on Phono activity near "Nation" field) eg 22210.