12 March, 2013

DashNet DashClock extension

DashNet is a DashClock extension that will allow you to have all the information about your network at a glance.
DashNet will show you the details on the currently active connection, whether it is WiFi or GSM:

With active WiFi connection

DashClock compressed:
  • SSID

DashClock expanded:
  • SSID
  • WiFi speed
  • IP
  • mobile network type and operator name

With active Mobile connection
DashClock compressed:
  • connection type (UMTS, GPRS ecc ecc)

DashClock expanded:
  • connection type and operator name
  • line name (if existing)

By tapping on DashClock you'll get:
with WiFi active
  • IP
  • DNS1
  • DNS2
  • Gateway
  • SSID
  • WiFi speed
  • RSSI
  • MAC address
  • IPaddresses for all the active connection

with Mobile active:
  • operator name
  • line name
  • network type
  • signal strength in dBm
  • CID
  • LAC
  • network activity (in, out, inout, none)
  • IPaddresses for all the active connection

It 'a first release, so any suggestion is warmly welcome.
Many thanks to Torben, Jan and Andrea for the help!

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