26 March, 2011

Happy Birthday Phono, thank you all!

Happy Birthday!
A year has passed since the first release on the market, during this period many things happened, almost 38,000 people use Phono with an average rating of 4.46/5,
we lost some friends along the way (Maez) we found many others (all on one Ianc but Denisssr too) ... .. a bit 'as it happens in everyday life .....
we spent nights thinking and work ... and why not other sleep ;-)!
One thing very nice to see was how the Dev Team has joined, grew up with Phono!
Tom has done a great job, always present and punctual, with creativity and professionalism, Andy has demonstrated competence and despite his work commitments was always present and cooperative, Tom and Andy are able to tolerate me :-) .... well done!
You people have been very patient and although we were unable to accommodate all the requests.... So good!

In this post I would like to thank all Users and all the Dev Team!


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